The Metro One formula consists of extensive recruitment, candidate screening and conforming post orders and training specifically to the needs of the client. Combined with intensive supervision by our field management team, the results are a quality product that is unsurpassed in the industry. As the leader in providing protective services to the retail industry, our corporate structure is designed to provide the same degree of specialization in recruiting, training and program development designed specifically for supply chainspecial events and high risk industrial sites.

Our senior management team has an extensive background in the private sector. From this experience, we understand that the uniformed officer is frequently the first and last person who interacts with our clients’ employees and customers. As a result, the appearance and conduct of the officer impacts the clients’ brand. It is with this in mind that Metro One has established the standards to which we hold our entire organization accountable. Through local meetings with management and establishing appropriate contacts within the client’s organization, our management teams confirm our service is meeting our clients’ expectations from the site manager to the senior executive level.

Our management teams are experienced and particularly effective at responding to events that were unanticipated by our clients and require rapid deployment of our officers. They provide on-site support at high risk assignments by supplementing the officers and providing immediate direction to contingencies as they arise.

Metro One’s security officer service is the product of the extensive resources we apply to recruiting, screening, training, supervising and developing our workforce. Combined with the intensive supervision applied by our management teams, we offer a product that is second to none in the industry.