Metro One LPSG is a licensed private investigative corporation performing undercover operations for a variety of businesses.  Our undercover operatives secure employment at our clients’ targeted locations and report on behavior that places their business at risk. Drug use, internal theft and illegal or unethical behavior that could damage the client’s brand are the activities our operatives are trained to identify and report. As former asset protection professionals working for large corporations; our undercover management team is expert at developing relevant intelligence while adhering to professional and ethical standards. 

Candidates that fit our undercover profile are thoroughly screened before hire including extensive background and reference verification. All of our undercover operatives have successfully completed the Metro One Undercover Certification Training before assignment. The operative’s activities are monitored daily by an Investigations Manager. They complete daily reports reviewed by their manager and forwarded to our client. The confidentiality of an undercover operation is preserved in all communications between the operative, our management team and our client. At the client’s request, our undercover team assists in planning the conclusion of the operation and in coordinating with the appropriate branch of law enforcement in the prosecution of offending parties. 

A Metro One LPSG undercover operation provides intelligence on sources of loss, drug abuse and illegal or unethical behavior from a view within the client’s operation. This highly effective means of evidence gathering is conducted with full compliance to all regulatory and legal requirements. The methods employed by our undercover division protect the interests of our clients while maintaining a safe and secure work environment for their employees.