Metro One LPSG understands that the quality and professional service that we are known for is built upon the hiring decisions we make every day. Our Recruitment Division is composed of security professionals who understand how to develop sources for qualified candidates within local employment markets. 

The high level of service we provide our clients is directly dependent upon our ability to attract quality candidates in sufficient numbers. Rather than rely on newspaper ads, our recruitment strategies are based upon identifying community groups, educational and training institutions as resources for developing candidates. Our extensive employment background investigation exceeds state regulatory requirements and ensures that we provide our clients with a high quality and professional workforce.

The Recruitment Divisions coordinates with our Human Resource and Operations Divisions to provide opportunities for career development for our workforce enabling Metro One to retain and attract quality personnel. Through consultations with our clients and our Operations Division, we design client specific candidate profiles based upon the training and experience demanded by the assignment. The result is a workforce that is effectively screened, trained, supervised and motivated.