Each engagement is exclusively designed, taking great exception to the specific and unique needs of our clients. Metro One’s formula for creating the most effective service includes identifying and evaluating several factors. This is supported through the initial and recurring dialogue with the client, a thorough evaluation of the site during visits, a demographic study of the site location, and a cost comparison of compensable rates of employees at the site. Additional variables are also evaluated independently to ensure that the highest level of quality and unsurpassed service are delivered.

Dual - Pronged Approach to Service


This approach provides us the avenue in  which we drive an understanding of external and internal client expectations.

Much More than our Competitors:


Integrated and Responsive Management Approach

Billing Structure Formulated on Actual Hours VS. Scheduled Hours of Service

Investment in Infrastructure

Executive Team of Former Retailers

Reputation of Honesty and Integrity Evident with Service

Metro One Security Client Design