Metro One provides physical security and auditing services for the distribution centers of some of the most recognized retailers in the United States. 



Supply Chain and Logistics Security Provider

· Access and Egress Control of Truck Gates

· Control of Employee Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic

· Securing the Facility’s Perimeter Line

· Reception and Screening at Pedestrian Entrances

· Controlling Vendor Vehicle Traffic

· Physical Control and Electronic Recording of

  Outbound and Inbound Freight

· Directing Trailer Drop Offs and Maintaining Trailer Yard 


. Vehicle Traffic Control, Visitor Screening, Loading Dock Security, Employee Access



Metro One is the recognized leader in

providing  protective services to the retail industry. 

Metro One Loss Prevention Security



Metro One provides a full range of protective services for corporate complexes and high risk industrial sites.

Commerical Security Provider

· Vehicle Traffic Control

· Visitor Screening

· Reception Desk Monitoring

· Loading Dock Security

· Vehicle Patrols of Facility Grounds

· Employee Access and Egress Controls

· Electronically Scheduled, Recorded and Reported Building Tours



· Book Signings

· Celebrity Appearances

· Motion Picture On-Location Filming

· Shareholder Meetings

· Parades

· Corporate Events

· Review of Event Activities and Related Risk

· Pre-Event Site Visits

· Pre-Event Planning Sessions With the Client and Local


· Risk Assessments

· Identify Access/Egress Controls Required for Pedestrians

& Vehicles

· Coordinating Client and Local Authorities During Event

· Crowd Control

· Establishing Posts and Post Orders

· Emergency Planning and Response

Our experience and commitment to planning and preparation make us a leader in the industry in providing security to special events. 

Special Events Security


Metro One's hospitality professionals have the training and background necessary to assess risks, anticipate breaches and respond with urgency to any unanticipated events that may occur. 

Hospitality Security

•    Entrance/exit greeting and monitoring

•    Visitor screening and logging

•    Event staffing and security

•    Emergency response and assistance

•    24/7 patrol and perimeter security

•    Parking area and loading dock security

•    Guest chaperoning


A healthcare facility has its own unique security needs, with the safety of patients, staff and visitors of utmost priority. Metro One experts have the training and background necessary to assess risks, anticipate breaches and respond with urgency to any unanticipated events that may occur.

Hospital Security

•    24/7 security presence


    Visual deterrent to criminal acts


•    Lobby ambassadors


•    Perimeter tours


•    Entrance/exit monitoring


•    Visitor screening, greeting and directing


•    Unauthorized entry prevention


•    Discrete response and deployment to alarm and            emergency conditions to prevent further panic


•    Badge protocol and other rules enforcement


•    Package inspections

•    Experienced partner with Joint Commission Standards Survey compliance


•    Hospital security action plan development/execution


•    Life Safety Code compliance


•    Physical environment risk assessment


•    Workplace violence/safeness report


•    Specialty unit protection (Maternity, Behavior Health,          Pediatric, Neo-natal)


Proactive in neutralizing threats and protecting assets on unique facility corporate campuses. Adequate protection requires an understanding of FDA, DHS, and International regulations.

·         Access Control

·         Perimeter Security

·         Visitor Management

·         Protecting Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Security



Metro One LPSG provides protection for some of the most recognizable figures in the sports and entertainment industries.

Our executive protection specialists are experts at securing public appearances, book signings, promotional events and the safe transport of high profile, public figures. Our law enforcement alliances and experience position us to assess risk and form a plan with our clients that address the threats associated with the assignment. Our plan is customized to fit the risk level presented by the profile of the client and the environment

Pharmaceutical Security

Our preparation for a personal protection assignment typically includes:




· Assessment of Risk Associated With Client Profile and Environment


· Client Transport


· Coordination With Local Law Enforcement


· Crowd Control


· Route Assessment


· Venue Assessment


· Emergency Response Plan




Planning and preparation are the hallmarks of Metro One LPSG and is applied with particular emphasis to our personal protective services. We consistently provide a professional, highly effective service while adhering to all applicable regulatory and ethical standards.