Sales staffs are frequently unable to cope with persistent shoplifting and the sophisticated methods employed by members of organized shoplifting rings. Our store detective program provides a vital ingredient to an effective asset protection/loss prevention program: the threat of apprehension and prosecution. Metro One’s store detectives have halted repeated shoplifting incidents in our client’s stores by apprehending ring members and assisting local authorities in their prosecution. Our investigations teams are extremely effective in gathering intelligence on organized retail crime rings and using it to counter their activity in our clients’ locations. Detective teams are deployed in high-risk stores where repeated shoplifting incidents are noted. Shortly after deployment, the resulting arrests establish an effective deterrent to the casual shoplifter and drives organized rings to other retailers. 

All store detectives are required to complete the Metro One LPSG Store Detective Certification Training Course before deployment. Instruction includes classroom training and forty hours of field training. As part of their field-training, store detectives participate in a role-playing exercises conducted by our field-trainers who simulate the shoplifting techniques and apprehension scenarios detectives will encounter. On-the-job training and development continues via weekly meetings with their manager. Video and intelligence on shoplifting rings and incidents of organized retail crime gathered from surrounding stores are reviewed during these meetings. 

Metro One LPSG provides its store detective clients with a vehicle for reporting metrics that gauge the productivity and recovery rate of our service.

With a management team comprised of former retail loss prevention executives; our store detective program is at the height of the contract industry in productivity and in protecting our clients and their employees from the risks associated with shoplifting incidents.