Metro One LPSG provides physical security and auditing services for the distribution centers of some of the most recognized retailers in the United States. Our Logistics Division customizes the training program for our security and auditing teams to the operational and security requirements of our clients. Our management team, officers and auditors understand that the accurate, secure and timely flow of product into and out of a distribution facility is a vital part of our clients’ success. The functions of the security officers include:

· Access and Egress Control of Truck Gates

· Control of Employee Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic

· Securing the Facility’s Perimeter Line

· Reception and Screening at Pedestrian Entrances

· Controlling Vendor Vehicle Traffic

· Physical Control and Electronic Recording of Outbound and Inbound Freight

· Directing Trailer Drop Offs and Maintaining Trailer Yard Controls

The functions of the auditors improve the operation of our clients’ facilities by measuring and reporting the accuracy of vendor receipts, placement of product within the facility and shipping accuracy. Exception reporting is provided to facility management for corrective action designed to improve the accuracy of inventory records within the facility and enable a rapid and accurate flow of product to the stores. The Metro One LPSG Logistics Division plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of our clients’ supply chain. Our service is integrated into the operation of the facility without compromising the security and auditing standards set by our clients.