The EOD program provides our clients’ an additional option in providing protection for higher risk environments. The program is designed for locations where a more overt deterrent to criminal activity is desired. The uniform and appearance of the EOD officer is designed to enhance their presence as a visual deterrent to criminal activity. EOD personnel are selected from our roster of armed officers for their professionalism and ability to operate in higher risk environments. This specialized service is designed for suppression of armed robberies and other commercial crimes, labor disputes, civil disturbances and specific threats of work place violence. Our ability to rapidly deploy EOD officers as unanticipated, high-risk situations develop enables our clients to continue business operations and quickly restore the safety of their employees, customers and the security of physical assets. EOD officers are active or retired law enforcement professionals who are perfectly suited to interact with our clients’ employees and their customers. 

Similar to our armed officer service, the EOD concept has been successfully introduced into retail environments at locations experiencing persistent and aggressive shoplifting. It is designed as an answer to shoplifting rings who intimidate sales staffs through threats of violent retaliation. Exits are controlled through receipt verification and assisting management in responding to EAS activations. The EOD program is also effective at restoring confidence in customers and employees following an armed robbery or other violent occurrence at the location.

EOD Shift Supervisors and our District Managers ensure that all officers have successfully completed the EOD Training Program. EOD post standards are maintained by frequent officer assessments and client contact conducted by our field management team.