Natural disasters, civil unrest and acts of terrorism can place the safety of your employees, customers and physical assets at extreme risk. The consequences of overwhelmed law enforcement, utility failures and infrastructure damage can result in devastating losses and business disruption. The ability to quickly deploy a disciplined, professional security force to a troubled area can avert severe financial losses and injury to personnel.


The Metro One Emergency Response Division can rapidly deploy our armed personnel to disaster sites. Our air logistics partner uniquely positions us to deploy manpower and equipment to even the most severely impacted locations. Our management team provides on-the-ground direction and coordinates the effort with the client and local law enforcement.


Our Emergency Response Teams consist of active and former law enforcement professionals who are fully prepared to contend with any contingency that might arise while complying with all regulatory requirements and client direction. Our teams were deployed to protect the assets of some of the most recognizable names in U.S. industry following Katrina during 2005 and the successive hurricanes that hit the Florida coast during 2004. Our ability to rapidly deploy assets where they are critically needed puts our emergency response services at the top of the security industry.