Metro One LPSG provides a full range of protective services for corporate complexes and high risk industrial sites. Our uniformed officers are recruited, screened and trained specifically to provide for the safety of employees and the security of the facility. Our officers have been trained as Fire Safety Directors and Fire Guards when required to meet the specific safety needs of our clients. Metro One LPSG provides a full complement of protective services for commercial and industrial facilities.

· Vehicle Traffic Control

· Visitor Screening

· Reception Desk Monitoring

· Loading Dock Security

· Vehicle Patrols of Facility Grounds

· Employee Access and Egress Controls

· Electronically Scheduled, Recorded and Reported Building Tours

Our armed officers and EOD officers provide an added measure of protection when responding to threats of workplace violence or a greater level of protection is required at high risk facilities. Our Emergency Response Teams can be deployed immediately via our Air Logistics service to facilities at risk due to natural disaster, civil unrest or labor disputes. Our K-9 Teams provide explosive device detection for infrastructure considered

at-risk for terrorism or sabotage.

In addition to the facility related protective services Metro One LPSG provides, our Personal Protection Division and Global Division provide safe passage for planned or emergency travel for senior executives domestically and abroad.