Our armed officers provide an additional measure of protection to our clients’ sites. The service is utilized in locations where a heightened security presence is required. Deployed at client facilities located in markets with a greater risk of violence and other criminal activity, the presence of our armed officers is an effective deterrent to property theft and violent crime. Metro One LPSG employs active or former members of law enforcement agencies exclusively as armed officers. Combining law enforcement experience with the training they receive through the Metro One LPSG Training Program, they are equipped to professionally handle any contingency that might arise with the safety of our clients’ employees and customers as their primary objective. 

Metro One LPSG has tailored the service to support our clients’ retail loss prevention/asset protection programs. Posted at the entrances and exits of our clients’ retail locations, armed officers serve as a highly effective deterrent to shoplifting. They assist in controlling exits by performing receipt verification and assisting management in responding to EAS activations. All members of our armed division are fully supported by the training and supervision provided by the Metro One LPSG field management team.