Metro One is an excellent place to begin or advance your career in the security industry. We are committed to providing our employees rewarding career

paths that meet their goals for personal development and compensation. If you are seeking employment within the security field, consider the following opportunities that you would find at Metro One:









Here is what you should consider when making the important decision regarding where you want to begin or continue your security career: Over half of our management staff began their employment with our company as uniformed officers or store detectives. Some of our executives at the highest levels of the company began their careers at

entry level positions. 

Uniformed officers are regularly promoted to lead officer positions, store detectives,

or, undercover operatives and eventually, management positions. Our Recruitment Operations, and Human Resource Divisions are committed to developing the most professional workforce in the security industry through training, coaching and promoting from within our company. 

The skills you will develop will increase your value to the client, to Metro One and of course, yourself. Moving up the career ladder at Metro One benefits everyone. We not only understand the importance of career advancement in attracting and retaining a professional workforce, we also place a high value on treating our employees with the fairness and respect they deserve. You are welcomed to apply online or at any of our recruiting sites.